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What to Expect


Worship at First United Methodist Church is a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, and lots of music. Some of the songs may be centuries-old traditional, such as "Amazing Grace" or "In the Garden" and some may be more 19th or 20th century songs such as "It is Well With My Soul" or "On Eagle's Wings." Hymnals are in shelves beneath your seat.

Although we do have a nursery available that is staffed by church members, children are fully welcomed during the church service. A special time is set aside during the service for the children's sermon, also given by church members throughout the school year.'

All who wish to participate are welcomed to the communion table, usually on the first Sunday of each month.

After each service, we have donut holes, coffee, hot chocolate, and orange juice available in the narthex for a social time. Each committee takes a turn hosting it for a month each year.

As a reminder of the worship we celebrated together, visitors are invited to take a cross from the bulletin board in the narthex after the service.

If you have any questions about the services, please contact us, and we can answer any questions you have. Below is a sample bulletin from a recent service.

We hope you will decide to make our church your home.  Stop by any time!

Sample Bulletin

The Ritual of Friendship and Announcements
Sharing of God's Peace (We invite you to stand and greet your neighbor. Please return to your seat when the worship leaders resume their places up front.)


Prelude and Bring the Light of God into worship
Introit, "Praise the Name of Jesus" by the choir

Leader: Listen, church! The reign of God is coming!
People: We long and pray for this reign!
Leader: But God's rule will turn our present values inside out and upside down!
People: May God prepare us for that day and make us worthy citizens of the divine realm!

* OPENING HYMN: "Come, We That Love the Lord" (Click for words.)
* OPENING PRAYER (Unison): God of glory, you have announced again and again your coming rule over the earth, and warned about the shift in values that it will bring; help us to adjust our values and goals accordingly; that, having forsaken the world's standards of worth and success, we may become recipients and participants in your new reign, in Jesus' name we pray. Amen.


First Reading: Jeremiah 17:5-10
Psalter Reading: Psalm 1 (from Hymnal)
* Gloria Patri (Click for words.)


Anthem: "We Will Trust in the Name of the Lord" by the choir
Prayers of the People (Sharing of Joys and Concerns)
Lord's Prayer (Unison)
     * Doxology (Click for words.)


Children's Time
* Hymn of Preparation: "Only Trust Him" (Click for words.)
Sermon Scripture: Luke 6:17-26
Sermon: "Following Instructions"


* Closing Hymn: "Marching to Zion" (Click for words.)
* Benediction
* Benediction Song: "Through It All" by the choir

Returning to the world to serve with God's Blessing upon you.


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